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President/Owner of Group Builders, Inc.
Message from the president
"People often ask what makes a company
last for thirty years , especially with
the economic recession, forcing
us to make inevitable decisions while
capitalizing in the quality of service,
keeping as much manpower as well
as clients who have known us in
varying periods of time.
We all know that it takes more than a
grand celebration of
anniversary in order to consider
it an achievement or a milestone;
goals must be realized, corporate
mission & principles have to be abided
with,have great reputation based on the
quality of service is what it is all about .
The technicalities and moving
alongside the industry competition
is a continous learning process.
We must be confident that situation of the
industry that can seem as a setback also
comes and goes, and that economic recovery is possible.
Charles "Charlie" Cook
CEO of Group Builders, Inc.

Estimating & Engineering Department

Administrative Staff

Main Office: 511 Mokauea Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96819 Tel: 808-832-0888 Fax: 808-832-0890
Hours of Operation 7am-5pm

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